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Infrared Thermography - sports and general musculoskeletal injury specialist

Infrared thermography is a reliable, accurate and quick method of identifying areas of dysfunction in the musculoskeletal system. It offers a unique diagnostic support and detection service for all types of skeletal and soft tissue injuries.

A thermal imaging camera works by detecting skin surface temperature and turning this into images. In a normal healthy person, heat generated by the body is emitted through the skin in a uniform and symmetrical pattern.

In any region of the body where there is dysfunction or injury, the skin surface temperature will be altered. Increases or decreases in the skin surface temperature will show up on the thermal images and we can detect these problem areas easily and accurately.

Why use Thermal Imaging?

Lincs Thermal Imaging Detection Service


Any changes in the thermal pattern will help to detect abnormal areas.

Changes can relate to inflammation or even neurological problems.

Injuries and the source of pain can be mapped.
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Lincs Thermal Imaging Prevention Service


To help prevent injuries, thermal imaging can detect minor changes in the thermal pattern early.

If asymmetries in the pattern are detected then steps can be taken to prevent further injury.
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Lincs Thermal Imaging Evaluation Service


Injuries past or present can be evaluated easily with thermal imaging.

Questions such as 'Is healing complete?' or 'Is the treatment programme working?' or even how the injury is responding to training loads, can be answered accurately.
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